Migrants in Europe laud 10-year passport validity but rebuff DFA double price...

Migrant Filipinos in Europe strongly rejected the announcement on Thursday of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) that new passports with a 10-year validity will be twice as expensive as current passport fees.


Migrant Workers and Refugees Rise Up! Build solidarity with workers and oppressed and exploited peoples of the world! The International Migrants Alliance-USA Chapter (IMA-USA) stands with...

Migrant and Local Workers Unite: Fight back against Imperialist Offensives

The International Migrants Alliance (IMA) stands in solidarity with workers of the world in celebrating the International Labor Day. The International Labor Day is...


Migrante Europe seeks justice for Jennifer Dalquez

Migrante Europe and its members across Europe will organize protest actions and pickets to call for justice and clemency for Jennifer Dalquez and for all unjustly jailed Filipinos around the globe, particularly in the Middle East.

Migrante Europe lauds Bello order exempting OFWs from travel tax and terminal fees

With the government accumulated PhP5 billion from unreimbursed terminal fees, about PhP19 billion for the OWWA fund, and US$28 billion a year from the remittances of Filipino migrant workers, we have high hopes that these amounts will be translated into more concrete programs and services for the benefit of OFWs.

Video: 'UK Migrants feel like second class citizens' | Owen Jones goes to One Day Without Us


On the 13th of October, a large-scale European police operation starts that targets undocumented migrants.


March for Justice and Dignity, Paris

The Nagkakaisang Filipino sa Pransya (United Filipino in France) and Migrante Europe express our warmest greetings of solidarity to the organisers and participants to the March 19 event as we join the growing voice of oppressed and exploited and its defenders and advocates calling for Justice and Dignity for all.