MIGRANTE Europe Founding Congress calls to uphold rights, freedom to all...

The Founding Congress of Migrante Europe opened today at the Roma Camping Village in Rome, Italay, with a strong call to uphold migrants rights and for freedom to all political prisoners, in solidarity with the call in the Philippines.

Migrante Europe founding assembly set in Rome

The founding assembly of Migrante International Europe will be attended and participated in by affiliate member organizations of Migrante International in Europe such as the different Migrante formations in Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, France and Italy, as well as many other Filipino migrant organizations.

Request for solidarity messages

We are proud to announce that Migrante Europe will be holding its founding congress on 9-12 December 2016 in Rome, Italy. It will be...


The International Peoples’ Tribunal on Crimes of Pres. Benigno Simeon Aquino...

The International Peoples' Tribunal on the Crimes of the Philippine and US Governments Against the Filipino People (IPT 2015) is being convened at the behest mainly of victims1 of human rights violations and other crimes committed under the Presidency of Benigno S. Aquino III in the Philippines and President Barack Obama in the United States.

Take action now! Save the lives of the trafficked victims at...

LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND! Prosecute the traffickers! This is the call of representatives from 120 grassroots people’s organizations, civil society groups and all human rights advocates...


Filipino Migration into Italy

Italy is host to more than 4 million migrants of diverse nationalities. They comprise about 5 percent of the country’s total population.. Fifty percent of the migrants are Europeans, 20 percent are Africans, twenty percent are from Asiatic Countries, and ten percent from the Americas, predominantly South and Central American.

Migrante Den Haag


On the 13th of October, a large-scale European police operation starts that targets undocumented migrants.